Local Camping & Outdoor Equipment Business

Client Overview

Our client is a dedicated local retailer, running a Shopify store specializing in Camping & Outdoor Equipment. They stock a comprehensive range of high-quality gear, but their challenge lay in extending their reach to the local outdoor enthusiast community and standing out in a saturated online marketplace.


The Challenge

The client’s primary hurdle was their limited online visibility within the local community. While they had an extensive inventory of top-tier equipment, they were struggling to attract relevant local traffic and translate website visits into sales.

Our Objectives

Our main objectives were to boost the client’s visibility in local search results, increase organic traffic, and importantly, optimize their website to improve conversion rates. We also aimed to solidify the client’s brand as a reliable local source for high-quality camping and outdoor equipment.

Our SEO & Digital Marketing Strategy

To address these unique challenges, we developed a comprehensive local SEO and digital marketing strategy:

  • Local SEO: Given the client’s focus on the local community, we prioritized a robust local SEO strategy to increase their visibility in location-based search results.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): We analyzed user behavior on the website to identify and rectify potential conversion bottlenecks, ensuring a smooth user journey from product discovery to purchase.
  • Content Marketing & Content Writing: We created engaging blog posts, how-to guides, and product reviews to assist local customers in making informed purchases.
  • Social Media Marketing & Contests: We used local social media platforms to host contests and polls, featuring the client’s products and hiking spots in the community, to boost brand visibility and engagement.
  • Influencer Marketing: We reached out to local influencers in the outdoor and adventure sector for product reviews, leveraging their followers to expand our reach.
  • On-Page and Off-Page SEO: To build a robust backlink profile and optimize the website structure, we conducted an extensive on-page and off-page SEO campaign.

Implementation and Results

Post-implementation of our comprehensive strategy, the client observed:

  • Substantial improvement in local search engine rankings.
  • A 120% increase in organic traffic over six months.
  • A 65% increase in conversion rates due to improved user experience and conversion optimization.
  • Strengthened local brand presence and heightened community engagement.

Client Testimonial

“Egochi’s strategic local SEO and conversion optimization efforts have been game-changers for our online visibility and sales. They’ve helped us reach our local outdoor community more effectively, leading to a significant boost in our revenue.” – Local Business Owner

Key Learnings

This project highlighted the power of local SEO and Conversion Rate Optimization in driving targeted traffic and improving sales for businesses serving specific local demographics.

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