Case Study: Carpenter



At Egochi, we recently had the opportunity to collaborate with a skilled carpenter specializing in custom furniture and interior woodwork. The carpenter aimed to expand his customer base and showcase his work to a wider audience through an enhanced online presence.


  1. Develop a visually appealing and functional website on Wix to showcase carpentry projects.
  2. Optimize the website for search engines using Wix SEO Wiz.
  3. Boost local visibility and attract more clients.
  4. Showcase a portfolio of projects and facilitate customer inquiries.

The Challenges

The carpenter faced several challenges:

  1. No Online Presence: The carpenter had no existing website or online presence.
  2. Lack of Visibility: Without an online presence, the carpenter was missing out on potential clients searching for services online.
  3. No Portfolio Display: The carpenter had no platform to showcase his work to potential clients.

The Solution

We devised a strategic plan utilizing Wix and Wix SEO Wiz to address these challenges:

  1. Website Creation with Wix: We used Wix to develop an elegant and functional website. The homepage featured high-quality images of the carpenter’s work, and separate pages were created for services, portfolio, about, and contact.
  2. Wix SEO Wiz for Optimization: We utilized Wix SEO Wiz to create an SEO plan tailored for carpentry services. This included optimizing meta tags, headings, and image alt texts for relevant keywords.
  3. Portfolio Display: We dedicated a page on the Wix website for showcasing the carpenter’s previous projects, including high-resolution images and descriptions.
  4. Contact Form Integration: We integrated a contact form into the website to facilitate customer inquiries and generate leads.
  5. Google My Business: We created and optimized a Google My Business listing for the carpenter, which is essential for local SEO.


Over the course of two months, we executed the solutions with continuous feedback from the carpenter. We also trained him on updating the portfolio and responding to inquiries through the Wix platform.


Post-implementation, the carpenter observed remarkable improvements:

  1. Established Online Presence: The Wix website served as a central hub for showcasing services and projects, establishing a strong online presence.
  2. Improved Local Visibility: The website started ranking for local carpentry-related keywords, and Google My Business listing enhanced local visibility.
  3. Portfolio Showcasing: Potential clients could now view the carpenter’s work through the online portfolio, leading to increased inquiries.
  4. Customer Inquiries: The contact form led to a steady stream of customer inquiries, with a notable 70% increase in leads.


This case study exemplifies how a combination of Wix’s user-friendly platform and Wix SEO Wiz can empower small businesses and skilled professionals like carpenters to establish a prominent online presence. Our team at Egochi played a vital role in tailoring and executing a strategy that brought significant value and growth opportunities to the carpenter’s business.

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