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As a premier digital marketing agency, we at Egochi have an unyielding dedication to assisting businesses in scaling new heights by employing cutting-edge Wix SEO strategies. This case study presents how we helped a small dental practice experience a profound increase in sales, footfall, and geographical expansion.

The Challenge

The client was a small dental practice with a humble online presence, facing stiff competition from established dental chains in the area. Their initial website, built on Wix, was struggling to attract new visitors and convert them into patients. The website received only about 100 visitors per month, and their conversion rate was a dismal 0.5%, resulting in approximately one new patient every two months. The client approached Egochi with the aim of increasing the footfall to their clinic and expanding their operations to new locations.

The Strategy:

Our approach was centered around comprehensive Wix SEO optimization. We performed an exhaustive audit of the client’s website, identifying issues related to website architecture, content, and backlink profile. The optimization strategy was threefold:

  1. On-Page SEO: We revised the meta tags, headers, and content, optimizing them for dental-related keywords with high search volume.
  2. Technical SEO: We enhanced the website’s architecture, ensuring mobile-friendly design and quick loading times.
  3. Off-Page SEO: We established high-quality backlinks and encouraged online reviews to bolster the website’s credibility and visibility.


The impact of our strategy was both immediate and profound. Within three months, the website traffic increased to 5,000 visitors per month, a staggering 4900% increase. More importantly, the conversion rate tripled to 1.5%, which translated to an average of 75 new patients every month, a substantial improvement from the initial one patient every two months.

This immediate boost in sales resulted in an additional monthly revenue of $45,000 (assuming an average revenue of $600 per patient). This significant revenue influx allowed the dental practice to open two new clinics in neighboring towns within a year.


Our Google Analytics data showed that 70% of the new website traffic was from organic search, with 20% coming from local search – a critical aspect for businesses such as dental clinics. Moreover, the bounce rate dropped to 40% from an initial 80%, indicating that visitors were finding the website content more relevant and engaging.

Over a year, the practice’s organic ranking for primary keywords (e.g., ‘dental clinic [location]’, ‘dentist near me’) consistently ranked in the top three positions on Google, leading to a consistent stream of high-quality leads. The ROI for the client was over 500% in the first year itself.


This case study exemplifies the power of targeted Wix SEO strategies in revolutionizing a small dental practice’s online presence, sales, and footfall. At Egochi, we pride ourselves on creating tailored solutions that translate to tangible, sustainable business growth. It’s not just about drawing traffic; it’s about drawing the right traffic and converting them into loyal customers.

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