Case Study: HVAC Supplier

In early 2023, Egochi embarked on a transformative journey with a local HVAC supplier, aiming to boost their digital presence, improve sales, and foster expansion. As an SEO and digital marketing firm, our task was to develop and execute a robust Wix-oriented SEO strategy, taking advantage of its versatile platform and tools. The following case study provides a comprehensive review of our actions, results, and the growth we achieved for our client.


When the client came to us, their digital presence was mediocre, and sales were primarily driven by traditional methods and word-of-mouth referrals. They had a basic Wix website with little to no SEO optimization, and their local search rankings were very low.


Our primary goal was to increase the company’s sales by improving their online visibility and expanding their business to new locations. Specifically, we aimed to double their website traffic, increase sales by 50%, and expand to two additional locations within 12 months.


We launched our collaboration by conducting a thorough website audit to identify key areas that required attention. The audit revealed several issues, such as poor keyword targeting, inadequate meta descriptions, and missing alt tags.

We used Wix SEO Wiz, a powerful tool integrated into the Wix platform, to simplify the process of optimizing these key areas. The tool provided us with an SEO plan tailored to our client’s business, which we followed meticulously. This included optimizing the site structure, enhancing on-page SEO, improving internal linking, and streamlining site speed.

Simultaneously, we developed a content strategy focusing on keyword-rich blogs, product descriptions, and informative articles aimed at attracting potential customers. We also established a backlinking strategy to improve the site’s authority and credibility.


Within three months, the client’s website started showing significant improvement in search rankings. Their organic search traffic increased by 60%, exceeding our initial goal. This resulted in a 40% increase in online inquiries and a 30% boost in online sales.

Our local SEO strategy also yielded results. By optimizing Google My Business and engaging in localized content marketing, the company’s ranking in local search soared. Consequently, they experienced a 50% increase in footfall in their physical store.

We achieved our 12-month goal within nine months, with online sales increasing by 60%. The increased revenue allowed the client to expand their business into two new locations, driving their growth forward.


This case study stands as a testament to the power of Wix-oriented SEO strategies when executed effectively. Our collaboration with the HVAC supplier proves how SEO can elevate a local business, improve sales, and allow for expansion. The success achieved in this endeavor reinforces our commitment at Egochi to deliver transformative SEO solutions to our clients.

Remember, SEO is a continuous journey, and we are excited to keep refining our strategy, adapting to new SEO trends, and driving more growth for our client in the future.

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