Case Study: Law Firm


Egochi’s Transformative SEO Strategies Uplift a Law Firm’s Digital Presence


Our client, a successful law firm with an established physical presence, was struggling to make its mark in the digital world. Their Wix website had poor visibility, with limited organic traffic, and their rankings on local search results were far from satisfactory. This lack of digital presence resulted in fewer clients and reduced business growth.

They approached us at Egochi, a renowned digital marketing agency, with the hope of transforming their digital footprint and enhancing their local SEO performance.


The law firm’s primary objectives were:

  1. To rank #1 in local Google search results for specific keywords related to their legal services.
  2. To appear in the top 3 positions in Google Maps for their location.
  3. To increase the organic traffic on their Wix website.

Egochi’s Strategy:

We started with an in-depth audit of the existing Wix website and digital presence. It was clear that the website needed optimization for usability, speed, and SEO, while the Google My Business listing required complete optimization.

Our team revamped the website, optimizing metadata, heading structures, and keyword usage, ensuring that the website adhered to Wix’s best SEO practices. We also ensured that each page was mobile responsive, as more than 50% of local searches occur on mobile devices.

In parallel, we worked on improving the Google My Business listing. We included more details about the firm, updated working hours, and added relevant photos. We also encouraged clients to review our client’s services, a critical factor influencing Google’s local search rankings.


Within six months, the website’s organic traffic increased significantly:

  1. The total organic traffic grew by 145%, from an initial monthly traffic of 1200 visitors to over 2940 visitors per month.
  2. The bounce rate decreased by 37% due to the improved usability and mobile responsiveness of the Wix website.
  3. The conversion rate (visitors contacting the firm or booking an appointment) increased by 80%.

The law firm’s presence on Google local search results and Google Maps saw a substantial improvement:

  1. The firm began to rank #1 in local search results for keywords such as “divorce lawyer in [City Name]”, “personal injury attorney in [City Name]”, etc.
  2. The firm’s location started appearing in the top 3 positions on Google Maps.

The enhanced digital visibility brought in new clients, leading to increased business growth. As of today, our client enjoys a solid digital presence, marking their place in the competitive legal sector. This case demonstrates how an effective SEO strategy can transform a business’s digital footprint, resulting in substantial business growth.

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