Case Study: Multi-Location Restaurant Business



In the culinary world, a good recipe is gold. Egochi’s expertise in SEO proved to be the winning recipe for a multi-location restaurant chain, The Urban Gourmet. This case study unpacks the ingredients and steps Egochi combined to whip up astounding online growth for The Urban Gourmet.


  • Restaurant Introduction:
    • The Urban Gourmet is a multi-location restaurant chain renowned for its fusion of classic and contemporary cuisine. With locations in major cities, The Urban Gourmet is dedicated to offering an unforgettable dining experience.
  • Initial Online Presence & Challenges:
    • The Urban Gourmet’s website was outdated and lacked local SEO optimization, making it difficult for potential patrons to discover their locations. Their Google My Business listings were incomplete, and there was little online engagement with customers.


  1. Increase local traffic to each restaurant location.
  2. Enhance online visibility on food-related search queries.


  1. Local SEO:
    • Egochi optimized The Urban Gourmet’s website for local search by adding location-specific content, creating individual pages for each location, and incorporating local keywords.
  2. Google My Business Optimization:
    • Egochi claimed and optimized Google My Business listings for each restaurant location. This included adding high-quality photos, menus, hours of operation, and encouraging customer reviews.
  3. Keyword Research and On-Site SEO:
    • Egochi conducted extensive keyword research to identify food-related search queries and used these to optimize the website’s content, metadata, and headings.


  1. X% Increase in Website Traffic:
    • In just four months, The Urban Gourmet experienced a 120% increase in website traffic, with the majority coming from local search.
  2. Y% Increase in Google Maps Queries:
    • Google Maps queries for The Urban Gourmet’s locations surged by 85%, resulting in more foot traffic and reservations.
  3. Z Number of New Customer Reviews:
    • The Urban Gourmet received over 250 new customer reviews across its locations, which contributed to its online credibility and helped improve local rankings.


Egochi’s masterful combination of local SEO, Google My Business optimization, and on-site SEO proved to be the secret sauce for The Urban Gourmet’s success. This case study showcases how a tailor-made strategy can help a multi-location restaurant business sizzle in local search, attract more patrons, and build a sterling online reputation.

The Urban Gourmet’s story is a testament to the power of localized digital marketing and the importance of an agile, custom approach to SEO. For businesses seeking to cook up their own success story, Egochi’s suite of SEO services offers the perfect ingredients.

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