Case Study: Shoe Store


As Egochi, we’re proud to share the tangible results we have accomplished for a client in the online show sales business. Through an innovative and targeted approach using Wix-based SEO, we managed to exponentially grow their sales and significantly increase their online footfall.

More importantly, these improvements translated into a significant increase in sales. Monthly sales jumped from $10,000 to $50,000—a 400% increase, mirroring the growth in traffic. The return on investment for the SEO campaign was outstanding, especially when considering that SEO costs were a fraction of the increased revenue.

Moreover, footfall at the client’s physical stores also grew. Store visitors cited online blog posts and product descriptions as decisive factors influencing their visits, proving the effectiveness of our content marketing strategy.

In conclusion, our case study demonstrates the power of Wix SEO when expertly implemented. With Egochi’s tailored approach, our client experienced remarkable growth in traffic, conversions, and sales, leading to a stronger online presence and increased offline footfall. We continue to work with this client, constantly refining our SEO strategy to further drive growth. The journey thus far serves as an inspiring testament to the potential of well-executed SEO, particularly on versatile platforms like Wix.

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