Automotive Dealership SEO Case Study

Let’s talk about an automotive dealership that was having a bit of a tough ride online. They were pros at selling vehicles but needed a boost in their digital journey. Egochi took the driver’s seat to navigate their way to success.


The Roadblocks: Engine Trouble

The dealership was dealing with some issues:

  • Invisibility: Potential customers couldn’t find them in online searches for local dealerships or their car models.
  • Website Woes: Their website was slow and not very user-friendly, causing visitors to bounce off.
  • Underused Social Media: Their social media profiles existed but were rarely updated with new vehicle models or dealership news.

They decided to call in Egochi for a tune-up.

The Tune-Up: Egochi’s Repair Plan

Egochi got to work with a plan that involved improving their website, making them show up in online searches, and using social media more effectively.

  1. Website Upgrade: We kicked things off by speeding up the website and making it easy to use. We ensured it looked great on all devices, from desktops to smartphones.
  2. Visibility Boost: Next, we made sure the dealership showed up when people searched for cars online. We worked on using the right words and phrases that potential customers were likely to search for.
  3. Social Media Strategy: Lastly, we put a strategy in place for their social media profiles. We planned regular updates about new models, dealership news, and responded to any customer queries timely.

The Finish Line: From Pit Stop to Pole Position!

Our plan paid off, and the dealership saw significant improvements:

  • Online Visibility: They started showing up on the first page of search results, leading to a big increase in website visitors.
  • Website Performance: Visitors found the updated website easy to use. They spent more time browsing different models, and the rate of people leaving the site quickly dropped.
  • Engaging Social Media: Regular updates and timely responses on their social media platforms led to an increase in followers and more interactions with potential customers.

This success story is a testament to how Egochi can take businesses from the pit stop to the pole position in their digital journey. We’re proud to have been a part of this automotive dealership’s route to online success!

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