Construction Company SEO Case Study

Join us in the story of a construction company that saw big changes in its online world. Even though they were experts at building things in the real world, they were having a hard time building an online presence. That’s where Egochi stepped in to help.

The Problem: Online Building Blocks Missing

The construction company was having a tough time online:

  • Hard to Find: They weren’t showing up in online search results, so people who needed construction services couldn’t find them.
  • Website Trouble: Their website was slow and confusing, which frustrated people who did manage to find it.
  • Quiet on Social Media: They weren’t saying much on social media, which meant they were missing out on a big chance to connect with people.

They needed some help, so they reached out to Egochi.

The Plan: Egochi Steps In

Egochi put together a plan that included making changes to their website, getting them noticed in search results, and helping them talk to people on social media.

  1. Making Website Better: First, we fixed up the website to make it faster and easier to use. We also made sure it looked nice on phones and tablets, not just on computers.
  2. Getting Noticed: Next, we worked on getting the company to show up in search results. We figured out what words people were using to search for construction services, and we made sure to use those words on the website.
  3. Talking on Social Media: We also helped them start talking more on social media. We planned out what to say and when to say it, and we made sure to respond when people talked to them.

The Result: Success!

Our plan worked, and the construction company saw some big changes:

  • Showing Up in Searches: The company started showing up on the first page of search results, and they saw twice as many people visiting their website.
  • Better Website: People liked using the new website. They stayed on it longer, and fewer people left right away.
  • More Social Media Talk: More people started following them on social media, and they were talking to people more.

This story shows that Egochi knows how to help companies succeed online. We took a construction company that was having a tough time and helped them build a strong online presence.

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