E-Learning Platform SEO Case Study

Here’s a story about an e-learning platform that needed some help with their online presence. They were great at creating online courses, but they were having some trouble getting noticed on the internet. That’s when Egochi stepped in.


The Problem: Lost in the Digital Library

The e-learning platform was facing a couple of problems:

  • Not Easy to Find: They were not showing up when people searched for online courses, which meant potential learners couldn’t find them.
  • Website Issues: Their website was hard to use and very slow, making it difficult for visitors to find and enroll in courses.
  • Silent on Social Media: They weren’t very active on social media, which meant they weren’t engaging with potential learners.

They needed some help, so they asked Egochi.

The Plan: Egochi’s Help

Egochi came up with a plan that included fixing their website, helping them show up in search results, and making them more active on social media.

  1. Fixing the Website: First, we improved the website to make it faster and easier to use. We also made it look good on all devices, including phones and tablets.
  2. Getting Noticed: We then worked on getting the e-learning platform to show up when people searched for online courses. We used the right words and phrases on their website that potential learners were likely to use when searching for courses.
  3. Active on Social Media: Finally, we helped them get more active on social media. We made a plan for what to post, when to post, and how to respond to comments and messages.

The Result: A+ for Improvement!

Our plan worked, and the e-learning platform saw some big improvements:

  • Showing Up in Searches: They started showing up on the first page of search results. This meant a lot more people were visiting their website.
  • Better Website: People liked the improved website. They could find and enroll in courses easily, and they spent more time on the website.
  • More Social Media Activity: They got more followers on social media and started having more conversations with potential learners.

This story shows how Egochi helped an e-learning platform become more visible online, improve their website, and engage more with people on social media. We’re proud of the work we did and the results we achieved!

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