Healthcare Provider SEO Case Study

Explore our SEO case study of a healthcare provider we partnered with, aiming to improve their online visibility, drive more traffic, and attract more patients. This case study highlights the healthcare provider’s initial obstacles, our specialized SEO approach, and the impressive results achieved.


Company Challenges

When the healthcare provider came to Egochi, they faced several online visibility issues. Despite providing top-notch healthcare services, their online presence was weak:

  • They averaged only around 200 visits per month from organic search.
  • Their ranking for the primary keyword, “healthcare services [city name],” was on the fifth page of Google search results.
  • Their site’s high bounce rate of 75% indicated a poor user experience.
  • They only received around 10 leads per month through their website.

These issues combined to leave the healthcare provider invisible to a large proportion of potential patients, impacting their growth and revenue.

Project Overview

At Egochi, we recognized the potential for significant improvements and began with a comprehensive SEO audit. This audit identified the main areas for improvement and formed the basis for our bespoke SEO strategy.

SEO Services & Strategies

Our SEO strategy for the healthcare provider was multifaceted, encompassing several key aspects:

  • Website Optimization: We started by enhancing the healthcare provider’s website. We improved the site structure, page load speed, and mobile responsiveness to provide a better user experience. This included adding clear call-to-action (CTA) buttons and simplifying the appointment booking process.
  • Local SEO: Recognizing the importance of local visibility for healthcare providers, we optimized their Google My Business listing and increased local citations. This helped them appear more prominently in local search results.
  • Backlink Building: We implemented a robust backlink building campaign, focusing on acquiring high-quality, health-specific backlinks. This campaign was aimed at improving their domain authority and search rankings.
  • Content Creation: We also undertook regular creation of high-quality, keyword-optimized content. This not only provided valuable information to potential patients but also helped improve search rankings.


The results of our healthcare provider SEO strategy were nothing short of phenomenal:

  • Organic search traffic skyrocketed from a mere 200 visits per month to over 2000 – a tenfold increase.
  • Their primary keyword ranking leaped from the fifth page to the top 3 on the first page.
  • The website bounce rate decreased to a much healthier 45%, showing that users were finding the site more engaging and useful.
  • Importantly, the number of leads generated via the website jumped from around 10 per month to over 120.

This healthcare provider SEO case study illustrates the power of a well-planned, comprehensive SEO strategy. By addressing all aspects of SEO – from website optimization to content creation – Egochi was able to transform the healthcare provider’s online presence, resulting in significant increases in visibility, traffic, and leads.

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