Local Restaurant Digital Marketing Case Study


Savor our flavorful case study of a local restaurant aiming to spice up its online presence, engage with potential customers, and drive more footfall through digital platforms. This account serves up a detailed course of the restaurant’s initial digital challenges, our customized marketing solutions, and the delightful results achieved.

The Initial Recipe for Disaster

The restaurant, despite having a unique menu and top-notch service, was grappling with several digital shortcomings:

  • Poor search engine visibility: Their primary keyword, “restaurant in [city name]”, was on the third page of Google, significantly restricting their exposure to local foodies.
  • Unattractive online menu: Their online menu was difficult to navigate and lacked appealing visuals.
  • Absence on local listings: They were not prominent on local listings or food delivery platforms, causing a loss of potential customers.
  • Inactive social media: The restaurant’s social media presence was negligible, missing a key avenue to showcase their offerings and engage with customers.

To turn things around, Egochi cooked up a palatable digital marketing strategy involving SEO, Local SEO, Website Optimization, and Social Media Marketing.

Egochi’s Gourmet Marketing Plan

Our digital marketing menu for the restaurant was divided into four courses: SEO optimization, local SEO enhancement, website refinement, and social media revitalization.

Appetizer: SEO Services & Strategies

We kick-started the meal with a generous helping of SEO:

  • Website Refinement: We optimized the website structure, improved page load speed, and enhanced mobile responsiveness for a better user experience and organic rankings.
  • Content Strategy: We created a content strategy that highlighted the restaurant’s unique menu items, special offers, and customer testimonials, ensuring the inclusion of targeted keywords for better search engine visibility.
  • Backlink Building: We initiated a comprehensive backlink building campaign, focusing on securing high-quality, food industry-specific backlinks to enhance the site’s authority and boost search rankings.

Main Course: Local SEO Enhancement

The main course was all about enhancing the restaurant’s local SEO:

  • Google My Business Optimization: We fully optimized the restaurant’s Google My Business listing, updating all information, adding enticing photos, and encouraging customer reviews.
  • Local Citations: We increased the number of local citations, ensuring consistency of NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) across all listings.

Side Dish: Website Optimization

A critical side dish, we served up a newly optimized website:

  • Menu Makeover: We transformed their online menu into an easy-to-navigate and visually appealing experience, complete with enticing descriptions and high-quality photos of dishes.
  • Online Reservations: We implemented an intuitive online reservation system, making it easier for customers to book a table.

Dessert: Social Media Revitalization

Finally, for dessert, we sweetened their social media presence:

  • Social Media Management: We developed and managed a compelling social media strategy, scheduling regular posts, responding to comments, and actively engaging with the community.
  • Content Creation: We created mouth-watering content, including high-quality photos of dishes, behind-the-scenes glimpses of the kitchen, and exclusive promotional offers.

The Final Course: Satisfying Success

Our well-rounded digital marketing strategy led to a feast of results:

  • SEO Triumph: The restaurant’s primary keyword ascended from the third page to the top three on the first page of Google. Their organic traffic bloomed from a mere 300 to over 1500 visits per month.
  • Local SEO Success: Their local listings visibility skyrocketed, causing a 70% increase in inquiries from local customers and delivery orders.
  • Website Wins: The revamped online menu and reservation system led to a significant increase in online orders and table bookings.
  • Social Media Surge: The restaurant’s enhanced social media presence resulted in a threefold increase in followers and a 80% increase in post engagement.

This local restaurant digital marketing case study exemplifies Egochi’s capacity to blend multiple digital marketing aspects – SEO, local SEO, website optimization, and social media marketing – into a recipe for success. Our thoughtful, comprehensive approach helped the restaurant significantly enhance its online visibility, customer engagement, and, ultimately, customer footfall.

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