Logistics Business SEO Case Study

We invite you to explore our case study for a logistics business that was keen to enhance their online visibility and capture a larger market share. This case study reveals the company’s initial struggles, our bespoke SEO strategy, and the remarkable results we achieved.

logistics business seo case study

Company Challenges

The logistics company approached Egochi with multiple challenges affecting their online performance. They were grappling with low organic search traffic, with only 250 visits per month. Their keyword ranking was not impressive either, with their primary keyword “logistics services [city name]” stuck on the third page of search engine results. The company’s overall online visibility was low, and they were losing potential business to competitors.

The website’s user experience was also a matter of concern, with a bounce rate of approximately 65%. Users were exiting the website prematurely, leading to missed opportunities for conversions.

Project Overview

Egochi took on the challenge with a strategic approach. We conducted an extensive SEO audit and competitor analysis to understand the market dynamics and identify areas of improvement. Recognizing the unique needs and potential of the logistics business, we devised a tailored SEO strategy to address their specific issues.

SEO Services & Strategies

We started by revamping their website, focusing on improving the site structure, mobile-friendliness, and page load times. These changes were aimed at enhancing the overall user experience and reducing the bounce rate.

As part of our local SEO strategy, we optimized their Google My Business listing and increased their presence in local directories. This strategy was designed to improve their visibility among local businesses looking for logistics services.

A robust backlinking campaign was rolled out, focusing on acquiring high-quality, industry-specific backlinks. This campaign aimed to improve the site’s domain authority and search engine rankings.

We also emphasized creating high-quality, keyword-optimized content. We regularly updated their blog with posts targeting relevant long-tail keywords and enhanced their service pages with strategic keywords to improve their search engine rankings.


Our comprehensive SEO strategy delivered outstanding results for the logistics company. Within a six-month timeframe, we increased their organic search traffic from 250 to over 1800 visits per month, representing a more than sevenfold increase.

Their ranking for the primary keyword “logistics services [city name]” improved dramatically, moving from the third page to the first page of Google search results. For secondary keywords, they saw improvements from rankings outside the top 50 to rankings within the top 20.

Their website’s bounce rate dropped to a healthy 40%, indicating a significantly improved user experience. Importantly, the number of leads generated through the website increased dramatically, with the company reporting a leap from around 15 leads per month to over 100.

This logistics business SEO case study is an illustration of how Egochi’s targeted and strategic SEO services can dramatically transform a company’s online presence. Our comprehensive approach, which includes website optimization, local SEO, backlink building, and content creation, delivered remarkable results and a significant return on investment for our client.

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