Software Developers SEO Case Study

Delve into our unique digital marketing journey with a software development company that desired to enhance their online visibility and lead generation. In this case study, we’ll explore the company’s initial struggles, our tailored digital marketing solutions, and the resounding success achieved.


Preamble: The Company’s Initial Position

The software development company initially reached out to Egochi with a handful of digital marketing challenges. Despite having a robust portfolio of software solutions, their online presence was hardly noticeable. Some of the issues they faced were:

  • Subpar search engine rankings: Their primary keyword, “software development [city name]”, was positioned on the fourth page of Google, making it hard for potential customers to find them.
  • Unimpressive website traffic: With only 300 monthly visits from organic search, the company was missing out on potential business.
  • Underperforming PPC campaigns: Their existing pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns were ineffective, leading to a low ROI.
  • Negligible social media presence: The company had a minimal social media presence, missing opportunities for brand awareness and customer engagement.

The Strategic Roadmap by Egochi

Identifying these challenges, the team at Egochi planned an exclusive multi-pronged digital marketing strategy that included SEO, PPC management, and social media marketing.

Phase 1: SEO Services

First and foremost, we worked on improving the software development company’s SEO:

  • Website Overhaul: We enhanced the website’s architecture, optimized page load speed, and improved mobile responsiveness. The aim was to provide an excellent user experience, crucial for organic rankings and conversions.
  • Keyword Strategy: We identified a blend of short and long-tail keywords that potential customers were likely to use and integrated these naturally within the site’s content.
  • Backlink Building: We launched a robust backlink building campaign to acquire quality, industry-relevant backlinks. The intent was to improve the website’s domain authority and search engine rankings.

Phase 2: PPC Management

After revamping their SEO strategy, we took over the management of their PPC campaigns:

  • Campaign Optimization: We restructured their existing PPC campaigns, focusing on better keyword targeting, improving ad copy, and enhancing landing page experience.
  • Conversion Tracking: We set up detailed conversion tracking to understand what aspects of the campaign were working and what needed further optimization.

Phase 3: Social Media Marketing

In the final phase, we targeted their social media presence:

  • Social Media Strategy: We created a robust social media strategy that included regular posting on different platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook), audience engagement, and running targeted ad campaigns.
  • Content Creation: We also took charge of creating engaging, relevant content that would resonate with their audience and promote their services effectively.

A Look at the Results

The results of our multi-dimensional digital marketing strategy were compelling:

  • SEO Success: The software development company’s primary keyword moved from the fourth page to the first page of Google. Organic search traffic soared from 300 to over 2200 visits per month.
  • PPC Turnaround: The revamped PPC campaigns saw a significant increase in click-through rate (CTR) from 1.5% to 4.8%, and the cost per conversion reduced by 35%.
  • Social Media Boost: The company’s social media profiles saw a threefold increase in followers, and the engagement rate improved by 50%. The targeted ad campaigns increased the reach by 60%.

This software development company digital marketing case study demonstrates Egochi’s versatility in providing comprehensive digital marketing solutions, from SEO and PPC management to social media marketing. With a well-structured, multi-pronged approach, we were able to substantially enhance the company’s online visibility, traffic, and lead generation.

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