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Social Media Case Study: Revitalizing Augusta Cole’s Event Planning Business with Egochi



Augusta Cole is a New York-based event planning expert specializing in wedding events, corporate get-togethers, and celebration events. Although endowed with a deep sense of creativity and local renown, the business faced challenges in leveraging their Instagram presence for client acquisition. Egochi stepped in to refocus their Instagram strategy, aiming for a robust engagement-to-client conversion ratio.

Pre-Egochi Social Media Stats

  • Instagram: 12K followers

Issues Faced

Stagnant Follower Growth

Augusta Cole’s Instagram account had hit a growth plateau, which directly impacted the inflow of new inquiries.

Low Client Conversion

Despite a sizable following, the business struggled to convert Instagram engagements into tangible leads and eventually into loyal clients.

Homogeneous Content

The existing content was repetitive, lacking the dynamism required to cater to a varied audience interested in diverse event types.

Egochi’s Strategies for Augusta Cole

Content Diversification

Incorporated a variety of content types including video testimonials, behind-the-scenes looks, and thematic visuals aligned with seasonal trends in the event industry.

Hashtag Optimization

Performed thorough keyword and hashtag research to optimize post visibility, aiming to capture the local New York event planning market.

Instagram Stories and Reels

Leveraged Instagram Stories and Reels for time-sensitive promotions and to showcase real-time event setups, adding a layer of authenticity to the brand.

Audience Engagement

Initiated interactive polls, Q&A sessions, and contests to boost engagement and gather audience preferences for future service offerings.

Results Received

Accelerated Follower Growth

  • A remarkable 20% growth in Instagram followers within two months.

Improved Client Conversion

  • A 25% increase in inquiries via Instagram, with a 15% increase in confirmed bookings.

Content Efficacy

  • Audience interaction rates jumped by 30%, leading to more shares and extended reach.

New Client Acquisition

  • Secured 6 high-value corporate event contracts and 3 wedding events through targeted Instagram campaigns.

Overall Conclusion

Egochi’s targeted and data-driven approach transformed Augusta Cole’s Instagram presence into a potent client acquisition tool. The multi-faceted strategy not only breathed new life into their social media content but also manifested in real-world business gains, including an array of new high-value clients. Augusta Cole is no longer just a name to reckon with in New York’s event planning scene; it’s a burgeoning brand experiencing the power of well-strategized social media marketing.

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