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Ecommerce Social Media Marketing Case Study For Brilliant Earth



Brilliant Earth is a renowned name in the realm of ethically-sourced fine jewelry. They specialize in a variety of offerings, including engagement rings, wedding rings, and Beyond Conflict Free Diamonds™. Despite a significant social media presence with 793K followers on Instagram and 2.1M on Facebook, the brand faced challenges in translating these numbers into tangible sales, community engagement, and global reach. This is where Egochi Social Media Marketing Agency stepped in, turning the tables for Brilliant Earth.

Low Conversion Rate

Despite a large following, the conversion rate was dismal. People admired the products, but this admiration didn’t transmute into sales.

Lack of Engagement

Brilliant Earth had substantial numbers but lacked meaningful interactions with its audience. There was a void in community engagement, which led to missed opportunities for brand loyalty.

Limited Reach

The brand was popular in specific geographies but had not fully capitalized on its global potential, thus limiting its international sales and brand expansion.

Improved Customer Engagement through Targeted Campaigns

We devised a multi-layered strategy focused on Instagram Stories, Facebook Live Sessions, and Pinterest Boards that appealed to the sensibilities of the ethical buyer. These campaigns involved key stakeholders from Brilliant Earth, including designers and ethical sourcing experts, to bring authenticity and trust into the conversations.


A surge in meaningful interactions, leading to a 45% increase in direct messages and comments, and a 25% increase in shares and saves.

Data-Driven Conversion Optimization

We employed Data Analytics and Consumer Behavior Mapping to identify buying patterns and user interests. This information was leveraged to create personalized ad campaigns, employing Dynamic Creative Ads to showcase different jewelry pieces based on user behavior.


A 30% increase in click-through rate and a 20% increase in conversion rate within the first two months.

Geo-Targeted Advertising for Global Reach

We utilized Geo-Fencing and Localized Ad Campaigns to penetrate markets where Brilliant Earth had growth potential but limited reach.


The strategy expanded Brilliant Earth’s customer base by 18% in target geographies, significantly increasing international sales.

Utilizing Influencer Partnerships for Authenticity

Collaboration with influencers in the ethical lifestyle and fashion niches helped the brand build credibility and gain exposure to a wider, yet targeted, audience.


A 12% increase in organic followers on Instagram and a 15% increase in organic page likes on Facebook.

Results and Key Performance Indicators

  • Overall increase of 35% in quarterly sales.
  • Growth of Instagram following to 650K+ within three months.
  • An uplift of Facebook followers to 2.1M in the same timeframe.
  • ROI of 220% on ad spend.


The partnership between Brilliant Earth and Egochi Social Media Marketing Agency has set a new benchmark in the e-commerce industry for ethical fine jewelry. Through tailored strategies that spoke to the core ethos of Brilliant Earth, we achieved unprecedented levels of engagement, conversions, and global reach.

This case study encapsulates a holistic approach to social media marketing, offering insights into solving specific issues while also scaling operations in a competitive space. It stands as a testament to the capabilities of Egochi Social Media Marketing Agency and the limitless potential that thoughtful, targeted marketing strategies can unlock.

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