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Case Study: Leveling Up Naughty Dog’s Social Media Game with Egochi Social Media Marketing Agency


Naughty Dog is a titan in the gaming industry, responsible for some of the most critically acclaimed titles such as the “Uncharted” series and “The Last of Us.” While the studio has a vast following, it needed to turn its social media platforms into a powerhouse for brand engagement and sales. Enter Egochi Social Media Marketing Agency, whose mission was to elevate Naughty Dog’s social metrics to match its lofty reputation.

Sluggish Sales for New Titles:

Although “The Last of Us Part II” had an eager audience, pre-orders and first-week sales did not meet the company’s ambitious targets.

Stalled Social Growth:

Their social media platforms, despite boasting millions of followers, were plateauing in both engagement and follower count.

Outdated Engagement Strategies:

Naughty Dog’s social engagement strategies were not keeping pace with new technologies and trends in social media.

Data Collection and Analytics:

The studio lacked the refined data analytics required to make informed marketing decisions.

Dynamic Content Strategy:

We created a mix of high-quality video trailers, behind-the-scenes developer diaries, and user-generated content to keep the audience engaged across platforms.

Social Media Listening:

To understand what the community truly desired, we employed social listening tools that captured public sentiment around games, updates, and general brand image.

Platform-Specific Campaigns:

Different strategies were tailored for Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to leverage the unique capabilities of each platform.

Partnership and Collaboration:

We identified key influencers and gamers who resonated with Naughty Dog’s audience and initiated collaborations.

Enhanced Analytics:

We implemented advanced analytics tools to provide a deeper understanding of engagement metrics and ROI.

Surpassing Sales Targets:

First-week sales for “The Last of Us Part II” exceeded expectations by 28%, mainly driven by a surge in social media-driven pre-orders.

Growing the Community:

Within three months, Naughty Dog saw an increase of 20% on Instagram followers, 15% on Facebook, and 25% in YouTube subscribers.

Engagement Spikes:

Not just the followers, even the engagement saw a significant uplift. Post engagement rates rose by 35% across all platforms.

Data-Driven Success:

With better analytics, Naughty Dog was able to streamline its future campaigns, identifying what worked and scaling it up effectively.

Naughty Dog’s partnership with Egochi Social Media Marketing Agency not only helped them improve their sales and engagement metrics but also made them a topical authority in the gaming world’s social media landscape. This case study stands as a testimony to the efficacy of modern, well-rounded social media strategies that can even take giants to new heights.

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