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Social Media Case Study: Transforming Samaritan’s Purse Digital Outreach with Egochi


Samaritan’s Purse, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing spiritual and physical aid to those in need, had a respectable presence across social media platforms. However, despite having a considerable following, the organization faced challenges in engagement rates, fundraising, and volunteer mobilization via social media. Egochi stepped in to revitalize Samaritan’s Purse’s social media strategy, focusing on achieving impactful results.

Pre-Egochi Social Media Stats

  • Instagram: 200K followers
  • Facebook: 1 Million followers
  • LinkedIn: 104,113 followers

Issues Faced

Low Engagement Rates

Despite large followings, engagement rates on posts were below industry benchmarks, affecting visibility and user involvement.

Inconsistent Messaging

The messaging across platforms lacked cohesiveness, diluting the brand’s strong value proposition and mission.

Limited Fundraising Success

Social media campaigns weren’t converting followers into donors or volunteers, impacting the organization’s primary objectives.

Strategies Employed by Egochi

Audience Segmentation

We utilized data analytics to segment the audience into distinct categories, enabling tailored content creation and targeted campaigns.

Content Calendar

Developed a comprehensive content calendar that aligned with the organization’s mission and resonated with the target audiences.

A/B Testing

Employed A/B testing for different content types, campaign slogans, and CTAs to determine what generated the most engagement.

Multi-Platform Alignment

Unified the messaging across Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to present a coherent brand identity.

Performance Metrics and KPIs

Introduced new performance metrics and KPIs for monitoring campaign effectiveness, engagement rates, and conversion rates.

Results Received

Engagement Turnaround

  • Instagram engagement rate increased by 45%
  • Facebook engagement surged by 35%
  • LinkedIn post interactions rose by 40%

Fundraising Milestones

  • 30% increase in social media-driven donations
  • 20% rise in volunteer sign-ups through social media platforms

Messaging Consistency

  • Consistent and compelling storytelling led to a 15% increase in content shares and a boost in brand awareness.

Overall Conclusion

Egochi’s customized, data-driven approach revolutionized Samaritan’s Purse’s social media performance, achieving tangible results that directly impacted their mission. The multi-platform strategy not only optimized engagement rates but also played a crucial role in volunteer mobilization and fundraising efforts.

With Egochi’s expertise, Samaritan’s Purse has now solidified its social media presence as a powerful tool for good, making a significant impact on both the digital realm and the real world.

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