Top 5 Website Design Trends for 2018

Top Website Design Trends 2018
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Top 5 Website Design Trends for 2018

Design changes all the time to accommodate the new realities of the web world. Usage trends and functionality improvements all determine the design approaches that deliver the best results.

Interested in getting modern web design? Here are some of the hottest trends for 2018.

Responsive Website with Google AMP

Mobile-based browsing increased nearly three times over the past few years. The number of people using smartphones and tablets to access websites will keep on increasing even further, studies show.

Responsive web design addresses the needs of these individuals. The website’s appearance changes according to the medium that is used for viewing and according to the size of the screen. Responsive web design ensures the optimal positioning of elements that minimizes scrolling.

A good web design company will be capable of offering responsive solutions that will help you attract a traditional and a mobile web audience.

Enable Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project which is built on top of existing web development technologies to enable blazing-fast page rendering and content delivery.

Interactivity with AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Interactivity has been the hottest web design trend for some time and it continues shaping the landscape. People are no longer interested in just reading something online. They want to be actively involved in the process.

Interactive features have to be added for a reason. Adding functionalities for the sake of a modern appearance will only create clutter. You need interactive features that will enhance the visitor’s experience and amplify the effects of the content.

Artificial Intelligence has enabled technology and allowed web applications and websites to adapt over time by analyzing and adapting from users’ behaviors, idiosyncrasies, and choices. Thus AI improves User experience, as a result, the website just becomes smarter.

Article rating options, social network sharing, slideshows, commenting possibilities and a chance for users to contribute to the website’s content should all be considered while you are coming up with the website design concept.

More Emphasis on Images and Multimedia

Multimedia is consistently becoming important. Though content is still the king, visuals on the website will make the design more dynamic and intriguing.

People are initially drawn to images and videos. If they like what they see, the website visitors will take the time to go through the text and explore more pages of the website. This is why high-quality images and video clips need to be placed strategically on each of the pages.

Your web design professional will suggest the best positioning and the best size of the images. Videos should be optimized properly, as well, because they can contribute substantially to the website SEO.

Tip: Use YouTube Live to upload videos rather than the manual upload method and watch an awesome video on how to boost YouTube Rankings.

Good Website Layout

Choosing skilled and well-informed professionals in the niche of website design and development will determine the outcome.

Web designers should know what the latest trends are and how they will affect the appearance of your website. Go through the website of the design company carefully. Take a look at the portfolio. Does it feature projects similar to what you want for your website?

Communication with the designers should be smooth and easy. Make sure that your idea is understood and that you are getting creative suggestions. Good cooperation and a friendly, creative atmosphere will result in the improvement of the original concept and a unique, professional website appearance.


Installing a Robotic Website Chat tool on your site helps customers interact with you more often and increases the chance of signing up for your service.

It has been noticed that almost 35% of companies offering services have installed a chatbot on their website and the outcome is fantastic. They saw a higher conversion as well better connectivity with their customers.

So, the bottom line would be to install a Chatbot today and automate your customer interaction even when you are asleep.

Yes, because the ChatBots of today use artificial intelligence, therefore, they are able to talk to your customers more humanely and are able to answer their questions efficiently.

A free AI ChatBot that I would recommend would be SnatchBot and the best part about this ChatBot is that it’s free with unlimited capabilities.


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Posted on March 21, 2018 in Website Design

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