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Wisconsin SEO is for you, an internet marketing service to help local businesses rank higher in search results.

Any business that ranks higher on Google takes away the maximum number of customers. If a potential customer is looking for a service online then there is a higher chance that they will click on the website links that appear on top of the search engine.

The websites that rank low in searches tend to lose potential clients. We at Wisconsin SEO change this for your business using white SEO strategies.


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In order to understand how search engines work and the SEO basics we created a small video for you, after the video, we will talk about the top ranking factors.

Top SEO Companies in Wisconsin | Wisconsin SEO

There are a lot of SEO companies in WI claiming to be the top Wisconsin SEO firm however if they were they would themselves be ranking on highly competitive keywords in the local market.

Some of the major keywords for top SEO Companies in Wisconsin, WI to rank for are as follows:

now guess who’s ranking on these:

That’s right!

It’s us, We rank on these top keywords and here is the proof.

Type in Milwaukee SEO Agency” or “Milwaukee SEO Expert” in Google search and hit enter, now you should see some paid ads on the top however if you scroll down you should see something like the screenshot below:Wisconsin SEO


Bada bing! Bada boom!

Yes, we rank number one on all the highly competitive SEO keywords in WI.

The best part about our SEO Wisconsin ranking is not only that we rank higher in the organic search results but we rank high on Google maps as well.

Hence proved.

Wisconsin SEO, WI SEO, Wisconsin SEO Company


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We use strong link building & local SEO methods to rank your website however ranking is not the only achievement a business needs to conquer.

One needs to ensure they build a strong social engagement with potential customers as well.

how to do this…..

This can be done by staying active on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram.

If you cannot manage all of it yourself then it’s better to outsource it to professional social media marketing companies like us.


By maintaining a social presence online not only shows that you as a business are approachable and trustable.

Yes, trust.

There are 2 major players every business wants to build trust for:

Customers & search engines like Google.

SEO Wisconsin: Wisconsin SEO Ranking Factors

SEO Wisconsin methods to build higher rankings:

Ok, so you are trying to grow your website rankings and probably have tried a few things.

Is it working?

Try these organic strategies to build a higher Google ranking.

One, create awesome content.

Two, optimize your website internally.

Three, create high-quality backlinks for your website or for the particular web page.

Four, Grow CTR (Click Through Rate) for your website.

Five, Share on social media pages, groups & communities

There are few more important features like to ensure the website loads faster and it’s mobile friendly etc. however we will concentrate on the top 5 factors as these are the most crucial ones for ranking.

These factors can be a major game changer for any business try to acheive higher trafffic.

Let’s look into these 5 methods by leading seo comapnies in wisconsin a little deeper.


When someone lands on your website they are actually looking for a good service, information or product.

It’s important that the webpage has specific details in order for the website visitor to stick to the website.

If someone visits your website and stays on it for longer this action gives Google an impression that the website has relevant content on it, therefore, boosts it up in the sech results.

and it’s vice-versa

If the visitor leaves your website too quick and this trend continues then your ranking will drop drastically.

Thus, content is important

As content helps visitors get relevant information and achieve their search goal.


When you put pen to paper ensure that you use the relevant keywords that you think your customers will type in Google.

Example: Our clients tend to type keywords like “Madison SEO Expert” or “Madison SEO Agency” therefore when we wrote content for this page we made sure that it had these relevant keywords in it.

You can use tools like “Google Keyword Planner” in order to find relevant keywords for your business.


Make sure you don’t stuff the keywords into the web page instead ensure that the keywords are mixed into the content and look like a natural sentence.


Wisconsin SEO: Link Building SEO by Top SEO Company in WI


If your aim is to rank for a keyword which has less competition then it is likely that with some good content, proper on-page SEO & social media sharing your website will start ranking.


If you are targetting a high competitive keyword then you need to build relevant high-quality backlinks to your website.

Mark this word: Relevant & High-Quality

Egochi Wisconsin SEO Company helps you achieve exactly that.

Meaning of Relevant backlink:

If you own a “flower shop” then you would like a backlink from a website that talks about flowers. This could be a blog or another flower website.

however, if you get a backlink for the flower shop from a car dealer then it’s of no use at all. In simple terms not relevant.

Meaning of high-quality backlink:

This basically refers to Domain Authority & Page Authority.

Every website has it, some low and some high so you need to ensure that your backlinks are from high DA & PA websites.

In order to check the authority of a website, you can use Moz authority checker.

Now how to do so,

One of the strategies is by exploring guest posting opportunities. There are hundreds, thousands and sometimes millions of bloggers around the world for a given topic or niche.

All you need to do is to contact them and request a backlink.

How do you find guest bloggers?

Use this strategy, open Google.com and search using the following terms:

keyword “submit a guest post”
keyword “guest post”

Replace keyword with your niche related keyword and start guest posting but do keep high-quality backlinks in mind.

Wisconsin SEO: Build CTR like the leading seo companies in Wisconsin

CTR (Click-through rate) is the ratio of internet users who click on your link to the number of total users who view your website.

So, higher the CTR the better it is for growing your ranking.

This is an important Wisconsin SEO strategy and has been tried by many SEO experts.

Here is a tue story of this method:

Rand Fishkin is the owner of Moz a leading SEO platform, so when he created a web page on a given topic, he asked his social media followers & fans to try out an experiment, which involved to search for his niche keyword on Google and click on his website.

Guess what happened next,

His website shot up in rankings, from rank 9 all the way to rank 4.

Was that awesome or what,

One my friends in the field of SEO Wisconsin also tried the same strategy by making the same request to his Google plus community members and this had the same result, his ranking skyrocketed to rank one.

Wisconsin SEO Company: Social Sharing SEO Strategy | Wisconsin SEO

We all know how important social media is in todays world and it applies to every business trying to grow online.

This is because search engines are also looking into social shares of every business web page.

Try to get higher social shares by asking your employees and followers to reshare the posts and ask their contacts to do the same.

This creates a good social media reputation for your website.

Hence, again good for growing your traffic as well as organic ranking.


Optimize your website internally:

Implement on-page SEO on every web page. If you own a WordPress site then use Yoast SEO plugin to optimize your web pages.


We are good at what we do and can do it for you as well. SEO Wisconsin services for local businesses are now affordable & within your reach.

Let’s grow together!

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