YouTube SEO: How to Optimize Your YouTube Videos in 2024

YouTube SEO Ranking Tips
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YouTube is the second largest search engine and the third most visited site in the world. It has over 1 billion monthly active users and its users watch more than 4 billion hours of video each month. Learn how to rank your videos on YouTube and Google that can help boost traffic to your website.

YouTube SEO Strategies to Rank Your Videos #1

YouTube SEO Tips to Grow Views and Rankings

1. Make your video stand out in the thumbnail

To make your video stand out, use a contrasting background (such as blue or white) to make the text and thumbnails easy to read. Try using a good photo that is relevant to the video topic. Also, use color wisely—black font on a white background works best because it’s sharp and clear. If you don’t want black font or cannot use black font because of the style of your website, try using red or green instead since these colors pop out more than other colors on YouTube’s platform.

Finally, make sure that people understand what kind of content is in your videos by creating thumbnails with titles/subtitles that clarify what’s happening in each scene.

2. Create a video script to optimize the flow of the video

You can create a script for your video to help you organize your thoughts and ideas. This will also help you organize the flow of your video. You can use this script when recording or editing the video so that it is easier to remember what you want to say next.

  • Use bullet points for each main point that you want to make in your video, along with sub-points under each main point if necessary.
  • When writing out an outline, it is best to keep things simple by only including important information and details (e.g., don’t put too much detail into something that isn’t necessary).
  • Write down key points first before filling in more details later on if needed.
  • Don’t write more than what’s necessary since this could cause confusion among viewers who aren’t familiar enough with whatever topic we’re talking about!

3. Use tags for YouTube and Google search.

Use tags that are relevant to your video. Make sure they’re not already used in your video, and make sure they’re not too long or too short. If all other things are equal, choose tags that are not too similar to each other.

The quality and quantity of keywords you use is one of the most important ranking factors on YouTube right now (along with things like click-through rate). Tags can be one of the best ways to get more views and subscribers on your channel, so make sure you use a minimum of 7 tags for every video!

4. Create a playlist around a theme.

Playlists can help you rank for specific keywords

If you want to rank for a particular keyword, creating a playlist around that topic is a great way to do it. Since playlists are easy to recommend and share (you’ll get more subscribers this way), they’re also an excellent way to get more views. As long as your playlist is relevant, these will be people who are interested in your niche, so the chances of them liking what they see are pretty good.

A few examples of how we’ve used playlists to rank well:

  • A compilation featuring all of our top-10 lists on YouTube ranking tips
  • A collection dedicated to helping musicians learn how to use YouTube as an additional revenue stream
  • An assortment of our most popular interviews with musicians who have made it big by using YouTube

5. Maximize the ABOUT section of your channel.

You can maximize the ABOUT section of your channel by:

Using it to tell a story. Your channel’s About page is the perfect place to connect with your audience, and share who you are and why you made your videos.

It should be used as an opportunity to build a relationship with them – whether it’s through humor or sincerity, honesty or humility – so make sure that whatever you write here is authentic and down-to-earth.

You can also use this space for additional information about yourself or for a quick bio about what inspired you to start making videos in the first place (for example, if someone asked me what inspired me to start blogging about marketing on YouTube, I would say “It all started because I wanted more than just one career; I wanted multiple careers! So now that we know where my inspiration came from…let’s get into some tips and tricks).

6. Add cards and end screens to boost watch time and views.

Cards are a great way to encourage viewers to watch your video and more. These cards display information about your channel, such as the number of subscribers you have or how many times your video has been viewed. These cards can also display information about other videos on YouTube that are related or similar to yours, which gives viewers more options when it comes time for them to choose what they want to watch next.

End screens are another way for you to get more views by encouraging people who’ve watched a specific video to subscribe or follow you on social media. By adding end screens, users will see this message at the very end of their videos before closing out of it: “Thanks for watching! Subscribe now so we can stay connected” (or something similar depending on what platform they’re using).

You can get more views by optimizing your videos correctly

You can get more views by optimizing your videos correctly.

  • Use a good thumbnail. The image in your video’s thumbnail should be easy for people to understand, and/or contain all the information they need about what’s happening in the video. If it doesn’t, then viewers will have trouble understanding what you’re trying to show them, or won’t even click on the video at all because they don’t think it’s what they’re looking for.
  • Use a good title for your video. The title of a YouTube post is usually displayed prominently above its thumbnail in search results (and often above the actual video itself), so make sure it clearly explains what viewers will see when they click on it—and use appropriate keywords if possible! Don’t worry too much about being too descriptive though; Google prefers shorter titles that are easier to read while scrolling past lots of other text than longer ones with more details about each individual product or service being promoted within each individual post.*


Ranking videos on YouTube isn’t an easy process, but it can be done with the right steps. By following these tips, you should find that your videos gain more views and rank higher on YouTube as well as Google search results.

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