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SEO for Cleaning Company
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SEO for Cleaning Company: Live SEO Audit

We did a live audit i.e “SEO for cleaning company” for one of our clients and created important SEO notes on the missing elements.

Our target is to fix these errors and then proceed with a link building process and grow rankings for both local map listings and the organic search results.

Watch the Audit on YouTube:

We used our analysis tools and found some major flaws in the current site which could be the major reason pulling down the site rankings.

The SEO audit helps us in the initial roadmap to an SEO strategy thus we have to ensure every business that is looking to grow their SERP goes through an audit.

Importance of Audit: SEO for Cleaning Company

As I said earlier an SEO audit helps to determine the flaws and also to create the right roadmap for ranking. The key factors in an audit are to check the on-page SEO ranking factors

If you are sure that your on-page SEO is perfect then you need to move on to the off-page SEO. We did jot down the major off-page SEO strategies for your assistance.


SEO for cleaning company


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On-page SEO for cleaning company is really important and involve a cluster of factors that drive towards growth.

Here are few on-page SEO factors to look for on your website:

  1. Title
  2. Meta Description
  3. Keywords (Meta Keywords)
  4. H1 tag
  5. H2 tag
  6. Meta Robots
  7. Sitemaps
  8. Og Data
  9. Schema Markup
  10. Content Duplicasy
  11. Alt text for images
  12. Site structure
  13. Indexed pages
  14. Call to Action
  15. Website Speed


For local SEO you need to look for few more things:

  1. Citations
  2. NAP (Name, Address, Phone number)
  3. Social Media Signals
  4. Google My Business Registration & Duplicasy check
  5. Directory Listings

Once you have achieved these important search engine ranking factors you are all set and ready to move on to link building.

Tools we used for SEO for Cleaning Company

SEO tools are very important as they help us get into the background of our website and look into the key elements.

I hope you saw the video above and now let’s check in to the software’s used during this process.

Let’s look at these tools:

    1. Screaming Frog: This is a crawling tool and helps us to understand the missing elements of websites that have up to 500 pages.
    2. Deep Crawl: If your website has a lot of pages then use this tool.
    3. Moz Bar: This tool helps us look into the websites Meta tags, Og Data, Meta robots, Schema markup and more.
    4. seositecheckup: This is a simple tool that can be used to understand the on-page SEO for your cleaning business website in simple terms.
    5. Ahrefs: This is an amazing tool to check your website’s backlinks and most importantly check for your competitor backlinks.
    6. Google: Nothing is more important than using Google because you can check your website’s indexed pages and also look into the websites site structure.
    7. webpagetest: Test the speed of your website using this tool.
    8. Google Speed Test: You can access this tool and check your websites speed on Mobile and Desktop.
    9. Facebook Debugger: You can check how your website OG Data looks and also see if it’s set up correctly.
    10. SEMRush: You can use this as an alternative to Ahrefs in order to check for Backlinks and more stuff.

Conclusion: SEO for Cleaning Company

SEO for Cleaners has been a vital internet marketing strategy as this allows them to grab more business and outstand themselves as professionals.

I hope we were able to do justice to all the cleaners through our SEO for cleaning business audit. If you have any questions or comments about the things we did here then do get in touch with us or leave a comment below.

In short, if you follow these steps for your cleaning business website then you to have a fair chance to grow your search engine rankings.

Get in touch with anytime if you need a professional SEO company to get the job done as my team is at your disposal.

That’s all folks,

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Posted on February 8, 2018 in Search Engine Optimization

Author: Jobin John
I am the founder & CEO of Egochi. I share my knowledge and experience on a variety of digital marketing topics, including SEO best practices, social media marketing strategies, content marketing tips, and local SEO techniques. My goal is to help small businesses and marketing professionals stay up to date with the latest trends and techniques in the industry, and to provide them with actionable advice that they can use to grow their online presence and reach their marketing objectives.
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