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Video marketing tips

5 Video Marketing Tips [Infographic]

Video Marketing Tips Why Use Video For Marketing? So what’s happening? Well, two things namely. First, content marketers are needing to differentiate their brand from other brands. Next, ROI metrics are confirming that buyers are becoming increasingly influenced by video. » Embedded video content can increase website traffic by up to 55%» Videos posted on…

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7 Emailing Marketing Tips to Make You Look More Professional

Email Marketing Tips The art of email marketing is becoming more challenging as email campaigns become more common and competition for space in consumers’ inboxes stiffens. Catchy subject lines and special offers are no longer enough as the science of email marketing continues to advance. Here is a list of seven research-based tips for making…

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5 ways to increase your subscriber list

5 Ways to Increase Your Subscriber List

Do you monetize your content intelligently? Are you tracking your content’s ROI and optimizing your blog for real-world conversions? Are you generating blog subscribers as leads and nurturing those leads to a final sale? Could you be doing it better? Here are five best practices that will optimize your blog and marketing strategy to generate email subscribers.…

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How to get business with blogging?

Blogging for Business: How to get business with blogging?

How to get business with blogging? A few years ago I had no idea how to get business with blogging as I didn’t believe in content marketing, I was a link builder. That was my job, I’d build grey/black hat “contextual” links, that was my job and I liked the money I was making from…

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Building Content 101

Building Content 101: How to become a successful content writer?

Building Content 101: How to become a successful content writer? In this article, “Building Content 101” I will cover everything you need to know about enhancing your content writing skills and grow your reputation as a content writer. You will also know about the key elements of content development. Building Content 101: The importance of…

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Steps to Increase Blog Traffic

7 Steps to Increase Blog Traffic: Powerful Ideas

7 Steps to Increase Blog Traffic If you are a small business ready to enter the world of blogging or you are simply someone looking to take your blog to the next level, you are going to need traffic to make it happen. While there is certainly something to the ‘if you build it, they…

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Tips for Producing “Great” Content

5 Tips for Producing “Great” Content

Tips for Producing “Great” Content I used to teach writing for the Institute of Children’s Literature, which was a cool gig at the time. I would get 20-30 lessons from students each week, and I’d have to read through their stories or articles and decide how they could be made better. The interesting part was that…

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Content Development Strategies

Content Development Strategies For A Successful Website

Content Development Strategies For A Successful Website When it comes to the effective performance of the website or blog, content seriously enjoys the king-sized status. It is the content of the web application – be it a blog or website, which makes it meaningful to the search engine crawlers, and it is the Content Development…

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The Key to Keyword Research

3 Steps to Master Keyword Research?

Keyword Research is important for your website. Choosing the keywords for your website content is definitely a simple process, but it can make or break your online business. That’s why you need to be careful with your keyword research as it is the starting point and the central figure in the process of any (SEO)…

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Content Management

Content Management: Make It about Your Audience

Content Management needs to focus on its audience During content management, we tend to forget today that people love talking about themselves, and if we want them to like us, we need to talk about them- not about us. The development of the Internet and particularly social media made every brand a publisher. But sadly,…

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