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Welcome to Egochi’s work showcase of web design portfolio for 2023!

Web design isn’t just about looks; it’s about telling a story, making connections, and building trust. Our 25 web design portfolio examples are more than pretty pages. They highlight our skills, our dedication to clients, and our understanding of modern web trends. Explore and discover why a strong web portfolio is key in the online world.

Why Web Design Portfolio Matters

When you’re browsing online, what catches your eye? Great websites aren’t just about colors or images; they share a story, build confidence, and show what a brand is all about. Here’s why having a web design portfolio is so important.

Showcasing Skills

Imagine your portfolio as your personal gallery. It’s where you put your best work on display. By showing different website designs, people can see what you’re good at. It’s not just about making things look pretty but solving real-world challenges with design. This gallery tells everyone, “Look at what I can do!”

Building Trust

Think about the last time you shopped online. You probably checked reviews, right? A portfolio works similarly. When people see the websites you’ve created, they can tell you know your stuff. It’s like showing a track record of happy clients and successful projects. This helps build a feeling of “I can trust them with my website.”

Representing Brand

Your portfolio is also a reflection of you or your business. It’s like a digital handshake. The designs you pick, the way you present them, it all gives people a feel of who you are and what you stand for. It’s your chance to say, “This is us. This is our style.”

What Should You Include In Your Web Design Portfolio

A great web design portfolio is like a book that tells your story. But what pages make this book complete? Let’s take a look at the essentials.


Think of the homepage as the cover of your book. It’s the first thing people see. It should grab attention and make people want to see more. A good homepage gives a quick idea of who you are and what you can do.

About Us

Everyone loves a good story. The ‘About Us’ page is where you share yours. It tells people where you started, how you grew, and where you are now. It’s like the introduction of your book, giving readers a sense of who’s behind the scenes.


This is the main chapter of your book. It’s where you show off your best work. Just like a photo album, it lets people see what you’ve done in the past. It’s proof that you can do great things and helps others imagine what you can do for them.


Imagine if someone reads your book and wants to chat with the author. That’s what the contact page is for. It’s a simple way for people to reach out, ask questions, or start working with you. It’s like the back page of a book.

25 Stellar Web Design Portfolio Examples

Here are our 25 web design portfolio examples. Each one showcases our work with unique creativity, skill, and innovation, offering inspiration and insight into the world of modern web design.

All About It Ink

tattooshopresponsive screenshot

Local tattoo shop custom website design using PHP, HTML

Culbertson Law

Local Law Firm WordPress Web Design

Maria Antoinette

Local real estate small business web design



Blog Web Design

Bloom JB’s Salon

Bloom JB's Salon

Hair & Beauty Salon Web Design

Florida Rentals

Florida Rentals

Florida vacation rental business website design


Classic Italian Cuisine Restaurant Web Design

St. Andrew’s School

St. Andrew's School

A Texas Private School Web Design

Kids Express

Kids Express

Private School & Childcare Website Design

Frontend Masters

Frontend Masters

Engineering Courses Website Design

WUC Technologies

WUC Technologies

Tech Company Web Design.

Crazy Point Tattoo

Miami based Tattoo Shop

A+ Lawn Care

Landscape & Lawn Care Web Design

Geneva Paint Pros

Duda Web Design for Local Painting Company



Cosmetics E-Commerce Shopify Website Design

Best Plumbing

plumbing website view on all devices to show responsive web design work

Plumbing Business Web Design

Pitchfork Media

Pitchfork Media: Online Music Blog Web Design

Corcoran Group

responsive screenshot of the website

Real Estate Website Design

The Pioneer Woman

Web Design Portfolio Item

Food Blog Web Design

Mellow Mushroom

Restaurant & Food Delivery Web Design

Toshiba USA

Toshiba Lifestyle Products Website Design

Morgan Norman

Photographer Website redesign services


Fashion E-Commerce Web Design

Bru Med Travel

Tour & Travels Web Design


Hospitality Industry Website Design

What Makes Our Web Design Portfolio Stand Out

Wondering why Egochi is special in the world of web design? Let’s break it down!

Our Design Philosophy

At Egochi, we believe design is more than just making things look good. It’s about understanding you, the client, and making your message shine. It’s like cooking – we mix the right ingredients to make sure the end result is tasty and memorable.

Client Success Stories

Happy clients are our best advertisements. We’ve helped many businesses grow and shine online. Imagine your friend telling you about a great restaurant they visited; that’s how our clients feel about us. Their success stories are proof of our hard work.

Continuous Learning & Trends

The online world changes fast. What was trendy last year might be old news now. That’s why at Egochi, we always keep learning. It’s like being in school, but way more fun. We keep up with the latest trends to make sure your website always feels fresh and exciting.

Web Design Portfolio Tips

Want a great website? It’s not just about colors and pictures. Here are some tips straight from our experts at Egochi to help your website shine!

Modern Design Practices

Web designs change like fashion. What’s in today might be out tomorrow. To keep your website looking fresh, stay updated with the latest styles and techniques. Think of it like updating your wardrobe for the new season. Keeping it current makes sure you always look your best.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Everybody makes mistakes, but some can hurt your website. For instance, making your site too busy or hard to use. It’s like making a puzzle with missing pieces. No fun, right? We’ll guide you on what to look out for so your site runs smooth.

Emphasizing UX/UI

Ever visited a website and just loved how easy it was to use? That’s good UX/UI. It stands for User Experience and User Interface. In simple words, it’s about making sure your site is easy to use and feels good to visitors. Like walking into a well-organized room where everything is easy to find.

Our Web Design Portfolio Expertise

Creating a great website is like crafting a masterpiece with various tools and materials. Here’s a peek into what Egochi excels at.

Content Writing

Think of your website as a book; we pen its chapters. Our team ensures each word resonates, informing while engaging visitors. With clear messaging and compelling narratives, we bring your site’s story to life.

Video Production

We’re your film directors for the digital realm. Crafting videos that not only capture attention but also evoke emotion. Our clips are more than visuals; they’re experiences that narrate your brand’s essence in dynamic ways.

Logo Design

A logo isn’t just an image; it’s your brand’s face. We create symbols that stay memorable, reflecting your business’s heart and soul. Through thoughtful design, we encapsulate your identity in a glance.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is like the compass guiding users to your website. We optimize to ensure you’re easily found on search engines, helping the right audience discover you. By blending tech and strategy, we make your digital presence shine brighter.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Drawing visitors is step one; turning them into fans is step two. We refine every website corner to enhance user actions, from clicks to purchases. It’s about ensuring every visitor journey feels worthwhile.

Technical SEO

The magic behind the curtain. We ensure search engines read your website seamlessly, boosting its ranking potential. It’s like tuning a car’s engine for optimal performance; we fine-tune your website’s backend for best results.

Website Hosting

Think of hosting as your website’s home. We provide secure, fast, and reliable spaces ensuring your site’s always up and welcoming visitors. A comfortable, speedy home makes all the difference.

WordPress Web Design

Crafting on the world’s top platform, we create sites that are easy to manage yet powerful. WordPress is like our canvas, and we paint masterpieces that are user-friendly and versatile.

Small Business Web Design

For the passionate entrepreneurs. We understand the unique needs of small businesses, crafting sites that resonate with their niche audience. It’s about big dreams, and we make sure your digital footprint matches them.

Website Redesign

Refreshing an old favorite. Like renovating a house, we take what you love and elevate it. By blending new trends with your core essence, we breathe fresh life into existing sites.

eCommerce Web Design

Your digital storefront. We design spaces that make shopping a breeze, focusing on user experience and secure transactions. It’s about blending style with functionality for an optimal shopping experience.

Shopify Web Design

Our expertise extends to this eCommerce giant. Crafting tailored Shopify experiences, we create online shops that stand out and drive sales. Navigating the vast Shopify landscape, we ensure your store thrives.

Web Design Portfolio Client Testimonials

Maria Antoinette

Brilliant Design Delivered

Egochi has delivered me a really efficient and brilliant website design work and they do a great job with maintenance as well. They are a picture perfect digital marketing company for me and my business.

~ Maria A.

Web Design Portfolio Insights

Web Design Portfolio FAQs

What is a Web Design Portfolio?

A web design portfolio is a collection of a web designer’s or agency’s best web design work, displayed online. It offers insight into their design style, skills, and capabilities, and often includes details about each project, like the client’s goals, the challenges faced, and the solutions implemented.

Why is an varied Web Design Portfolio important?

A varied portfolio demonstrates a designer’s or agency’s versatility and ability to cater to different client needs and preferences. It reflects a breadth of experience, showcasing adaptability across various industries, styles, and challenges.

How often should a web design portfolio be updated?

A web design portfolio should be updated regularly, ideally after the completion of any significant project or at least once a year. This ensures it remains current and accurately represents the designer’s or agency’s most recent work and expertise.

What’s the difference between a web design portfolio and a resume?

A web design portfolio showcases specific examples of a web designer‘s or design agency‘s work, providing a visual representation of their skills and style. A resume, on the other hand, provides a summarized list of professional experiences, skills, and qualifications without the in-depth visual context.

How does a strong web design portfolio benefit businesses?

A strong web design portfolio offers businesses a tangible view of a designer’s or agency’s capabilities, allowing them to gauge the quality, creativity, and fit for their own needs. It acts as a credibility marker, reassuring businesses that the designer or agency has the expertise to execute projects successfully and meet their specific requirements.

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